How do I listen to a Podcast?

So here are the two most common questions we’ve received when we’ve been talking to people about The Hot and Moody podcast:

1. What is a podcast?

2. How do I listen to a podcast?

Well then, are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

1. What is a podcast?

Well the official definition in Google dictionary says: “A digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series of new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically” Say what?!! I’m a peri-menopausal woman whose head is full of fog and a London Underground map of thoughts, how on earth am I supposed understand what that means?!! So my definition of what a podcast is this: “It’s a way to listen to stuff you want to listen to”

2. How do I listen to a podcast?

I’m not even going to search the internet this time for their unwieldy definition and I will try to explain in as simple terms as I am able to understand. I find that if I use myself as the basis for understanding it takes it to a low enough level that will allow most people to understand.

a. If you have an Apple device, ipad or iphone then the easiest way to listen to a podcast is as follows:

i. See if you already have the podcast icon on your device:

ii. If you don’t, head over to the App store, search for Apple podcasts and download it to your device. It’s totally free!

iii. Go into the app and click the little magnifying glass, search icon.

iv. Type in Hot and Moody in the search bar at the top. v. Click on the Hot and Moody icon

vi. The episodes will be listed below and if you click on an episode it will start to play and you can see it playing at the bottom of your screen. If you click on this it will expand to the whole screen and then it is easier to play, pause, rewind 15 seconds, fast forward 30 seconds (you’ll only want to do the last bit in the intro of course!)

vii. To go back to the menu click the down arrowhead at the top of the screen.

viii. Scroll to the top of the page on the Hot and Moody podcast and click subscribe. This costs nothing. It just means that you will be notified when the next episodes come out.

b. As you can probably tell from the above instructions, I have an Apple device. If you don’t though, fear not, you can still listen to the Hot and Moody podcast! Phew!

i. Go to wherever you get your apps for on your device e.g. Google Play and if you don’t already have one of the below apps, then select one to download to your device

1. Spotify

2. Anchor

ii. With Spotify you create an account with an email address and password or with Facebook and there is a free version that won’t cost you any money. It’s only the Premium version that has a cost.

1. Once you are logged in go to the magnifying glass search icon and search for Hot and Moody Podcast.

2. Click on the Hot and Moody icon in the list.

3. Click follow under the icon to make sure you are updated when new episodes are released.

4. Click the play button against the relevant episode to listen.

5. Click in the bottom of the screen to expand to full screen and to get the rewind, forward and pause options.

iii. The Anchor app is used if you want to record podcasts but also gives people the ability to easily listen to podcasts. It is a free app.

1. Once you’ve downloaded the app, create your login and password and log in.

2. Click the headphones, Discover, icon on the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

3. In the top search box click The Hot and Moody podcast.

4. Click the star icon to add it as a favourite and then you can go back to your favourites from the Discover screen.

5. Back on the Hot and Moody page, click on the episode you are interested in and click the Listen button.

6. Bring to full screen by clicking the bottom of the screen which allows you to rewind, go forward and to pause.

c. There are other ways to listen to our Podcast such as via Google Podcasts and hopefully once you’ve looked at the above instructions it will be quite intuitive as to how to use these.

d. So you know how to listen now, all that’s left is to decide where to listen. I’ve listed some suggestions below but we’d love to hear yours too.

i. On the journey to work so you can avoid listening to angry politicians talking about Brexit! (And breathe)

ii. With duster in hand ready to start the bloomin’ cleaning.

iii. In your comfy seat with Claire’s favourite Jaffa cakes on one side and your chosen tipple on the other.

iv. In your downward dog, or child pose yoga position or whichever pose takes your fancy (I’m definitely going for the latter).

v. On a gorgeous walk in nature (although headphones out when crossing the road!)

Hope this has made things clearer than a murky pond and if you get success with this and enjoy the wonderful world of podcasts and look for recommendations on many others that you can listen to!


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